Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving eve!

I cant believe its already Thanksgiving!! Now if it were just a few degrees cooler it woud be perfect. I have everything ready to go home tomorrow all thats left to do is packing. Its been a long week and I'm ready to relax a bit. Hannah is super excited she has made everyone a boquet of flowers although the flowers are from my arrangement that Bubba gave me on our anniversary a few weeks back, so needless to say they are all dead.. Its the thought that counts though.. Right! She thinks they are great. Having children is hardest most rewarding job that I have ever had or ever will, I feel so honored that GOD has choosen me to take care, look after and love his children as they are my own.They grow up way to fast so for me every second counts. The trip home tomorrow will be fun , I cant wait to see everyones faces, and eat some good food. Putting Christmas decorations up next week!!  Happy Thanksgiving!